Independent Studies

Independent Studies can be a great way for students to get an in-depth experience in a research or development project. I am willing to do a limited number of independent studies during the year. If you are thinking about asking me to sponsor an independent study then there are some things that you should consider:

  • I will only conduct one or two independent studies during any quarter. I generally give priority to graduate student projects, teaching and research practica. Undergraduates need to be fully committed to a project and be prepared to put in time commensurate with the number of units.

  • We will need to meet to talk about your independent study ideas. You should schedule a meeting with me early. A good plan for an independent study should be set up before the start of the quarter. I just won't have time to help you at the last minute.

  • I always have projects that could use a person to put in some additional effort. You should consider asking me about my current projects and see if there is a match for your interests.

  • If you are trying to start a new project, one of your own, you need to have a clear idea how it is related to my research interests and how it might be connected to one of my current projects. If you believe I'll do a project with you just because it's cool then you probably have not spent enough time figuring out how it relates to my current research.

You should get the paperwork for an independent study the Student Services Office before we meet.
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