Computer Networks and Distributed Applications

INFO 341 Syllabus (Autumn 2012)

Instructor   TA
David McDonald
Office: MGH 330R
  Office Hours: by appointment
  Ross Hattori
  Office Hours: by appointment


Basic concepts of local and wide area computer networking including an overview of services provided by networks, network topologies and hardware, packet switching, client/server architectures, network protocols, and network servers and applications. Also addresses management, security, authentication, and policy issues associated with distributed systems.

  Lecture Wednesday 3:30pm-5:20pm MGH 251  
    Friday 3:30pm-5:20pm MGH 251  
  Lab Friday 2:30pm-3:20pm MGH 430  



The grading for the course is made up of 5 equally weighted quizzes, a course project and laboratory assignments.

  Quizzes 50% (5 * 10% each)  
  Project 35%    
  Assignments 15%    



The quizzes are designed to encourage you to keep up with the reading and lecture material. Quizzes are cumulative, but focus on the most recent material. On the day of a quiz, the quiz will start at the beginning of class and take the first 30 minutes of class. The quizzes are scheduled in advance for the following days:

  Quiz 1 Friday October 5th  
  Quiz 2 Wednesday October 24th  
  Quiz 3 Friday November 9th  
  Quiz 4 Friday November 16th  
  Quiz 5 Wednesday December 5th  



The course project will require that you develop a type of peer-to-peer networking application in Java. Details and specifications for what you will build will be on the project handout. The project will be completed in three separate parts with subsequent parts extending the prior part.

Laboratory Assignments

The course will include at least two laboratory assignments. These are Java programming assignments to help refresh your memory of Java programming and expose you to several Java programming concepts that you may not yet know. These assignments are specifically designed to help prepare you to complete the course project.

Assignment/Project Turn-In

All due dates and times are clearly specified for each assignment and each part of the course project. All assignments and course project will be submitted to the course Catalyst Dropbox. Late turn-in will be penalized 5% of the total possible grade per hour (or fraction of an hour) that it is late.

Text Books

The course has two required texts.

Readings are assigned for each lecture on weekly reading and lecture schedule. You should have the readings completed before you come to lecture.

Required Texts
  Comer, Douglas E (2009) Computer Networks And Internets With Internet Applications. 5th Edition. Prentice-Hall.
  ISBN 10: 0-13-606127-3
  Cheshire, Stuart and Steinberg, Daniel H. (2005) Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide. O'Reilly Media Inc.
  ISBN: 0-596-10100-7


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