Computer Supported Cooperative Work

INFO 447 Syllabus (Winter 2012)

Instructor   TA
David McDonald
Office: MGH 330R
  Office Hours: by appointment
  Jared Bauer
Office: TBD
  Office Hours: TBD

Course Meetings

Lecture: Monday and Wednesday, 3:30-5:20pm in MGH 228

Lab: Tuesday, 1:30-2:20pm in MGH 430


The course focuses on the design and use of collaborative technologies to communicate, share information and coordinate activities. Emphasis will be split between social aspects of adopting and using collaborative technologies and technical infrastructure to enable collaborative applications. The course will include a discipline overview and history as well as a range of selected topics.


The course is composed of readings, assignments, a paper presentation and in class participation. All readings are available off of the course website linked to the reading schedule. All assignments are available off the assighment scheduel page. Requirements for the course paper and for the coures presentations are listed on their respective pages.

  Assignments 65% (eight assignments)  
  Course Paper 20% (individual)  
  Presentation 10% (student pairs)  
  In Class Participation 5%    



All assignments are due as of the start of class as listed on the assignment schedule. The goal with the assignment due dates is to keep your work in the course progressing and to allow us to provide you feedback on where you are in the course. Turning in assignments late often makes other assignments late. Late work will be charged 33.3% of the assignment value per day late. After 3 days, no late assignments will be accepted. If you have an extenuating circumstance - it is always better to contact the Professor or TA in advance, but we can sometimes make an allowance after the fact.

iSchool Syllabus Inclusions

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