Poster Sessions

The meeting will include seven mini-poster sessions, each lasting 45 minutes.

Each project is expected to present some recent work or acheivements of the project during their assigned poster session time. PIs should plan to stand by their poster to answer questions and talk about the project. Additional project members (i.e., co-PIs and/or attending Ph.D. students) are also welcome to stand with the poster.

There will be three "Focus on Students" poster sessions. Each Ph.D. student who has been invited to the Doctoral Symposium is expected to present a poster showing some aspect of their own work related to the project. If a PI and a student are both attending the conference, the two posters should present different aspects of the work, or the student's poster could present a specific finding while the PI poster might focus on the bigger picture of the project.

We may have made duplicate assignments below (multiple PIs from the same project), or we may need to make adjustments due to scheduling constraints (e.g,. late arrivals; early departures). Please send email to David McDonald (dwmc <at> uw . edu) if you notice something or would like to request a change.

Poster Size

Posters should be 36 x 48 inches in size. Your poster can be oriented either "tall" or "wide" ("portrait" or "landscape") - your choice. Please plan to tape or pin your poster to a poster easel.


Poster Session Participants

Poster Session 1, Focus on Students (Friday 10:45-11:30am)
1. Dong Chen poster    
2. Aaron Halfaker      
3. Nada Hashmi      
4. Cheng Li poster    
5. Yang Liu poster    
6. Kumbie Madondo poster    
7. Gabriel Mugar poster    
8. Hemant Purohit poster    
9. Serpil Yuce      
Poster Session 2 (Friday 11:30am-12:15pm)
1. Hal Eden 0968588 SoCS: Energy Sustainability and Smart Grids: Fostering and Supporting Cultures of Participation in the Energy Landscape of the Future  
2. Rosta Farzan 1111166 Collaborative Research: Supporting Newcomer Socialization in Online Production Communities  
3. David Hachen
Omar Lizardo
0968529 SoCS: Explorations on the Effects of Pervasive Networking on Social Relationships and Resource Planning  
4. James Landay 1110965 Interaction Economics: Instruments that Measure Social-Computational Systems  
5. Gilly Leshed
Sue Fussell
0968450 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Leveraging Others' Insights to Improve Collaborative Analysis  
6. Qiaozhu Mei 0968489 SoCS: Assessing Information Credibility Without Authoritative Sources  
7. Eric Paulos 1211047 SoCS: Towards Micro-Volunteerism: From Citizen Sensor to Citizen Participant  
8. Rolf Wigand
Nitin Agarwal
1110868 Collaborative Research: Cyber-Collective Movements: Novel Socio-Computational Approaches in Studying the Blogosphere  
Poster Session 3 (Friday 1:30pm-2:15pm)
1. Christopher Homan
Vincent Silenzio
1111016 Collaborative Research: Social Diffusion in Online Media for Reaching Hidden Communities and Underrepresented Groups  
2. Janne Lindqvist 1211079 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Local Community Crowdsourcing of Physical-World Tasks with Myrmex  
3. Nancy McCracken 1111107 SoCS: Socially Intelligent Computing for Coding of Qualitative Data  
4. Rob Miller 1111044 Collaborative Research: Programming with Crowds: Models and Tools for General Purpose Crowdsourcing  
5. Michelle Newman 1110970 SoCS: Studying the Computability of Emotions by Harnessing Massive Online Social Data  
6. Hayder Radha 0968495 SoCS: Signal Processing and Information Theoretic Approaches to Denoising and Demystifying Social Network Services  
7. Jun Wang 0968470 SoCS: Socially Intelligent Computing to Support Citizen Science  
8. Gregory Zelinsky 1111047 Using Gaze Cues to Build Partner Models for Collaborative Behavior  
Poster Session 4, Focus on Students (Friday 4:00-4:45pm)
1. Ramnath Balasubramanyan      
2. Kyungsik (Keith) Han      
3. Harris Kyriakou poster    
4. Geoff Marietta      
5. Yiftach Nagar poster    
6. Doug Pierce poster    
7. Yiye Ruan poster    
8. Jun Yu poster    
9. Juho Kim poster    
Poster Session 5 (Friday 4:45-5:15pm)
1. Jack Carroll
Jessica Kropczynski
1211059 SoCS: Geodeliberation: Enabling Democratic Decision-Making in Local Communities Through Place-Based Deliberative Dialogues  
2. Pamela Wisniewski   Computing and Social Systems: A Family Systems Approach  
3. Josh Introne 0968321 SoCS: The Climate Collaboratorium: A Tool for large-Scale Model-Centric Collective Decision-Making  
4. Andrea Kavanaugh
John Tedesco
1111239 Participation on the Town Square in the Era of Web 2.0  
5. Bing Liu 1111092 Collaborative Research: Using Multi-Modal Digital Footprints to Infer Public Sentiment  
6. Jeff Nickerson 0968561 SoCS: Crowdsourcing Creativity: Experiments in Design  
7. Hari Sundaram 1210856 SoCS: Tipping Collective Action in Social Networks  
8. Weng-Keen Wong 1209714 SoCS: Collaborative Research: A Human Computational Approach for Improving Data Quality in Citizen Science Projects  
Poster Session 6 (Saturday 10:15-11:00am)
1. Dan Cosley 1111176 Computational Facilitation of Online Deliberation in Complex Policymaking  
2. Eric Gilbert
Loren Terveen
1212338 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Novel Algorithms and Interaction Mechanisms to Enhance Social Production  
3. David Jacobs 0968546 SoCS: Biotracker - Melding Human and Machine Intelligence to Create Large-scale Collaborative Systems  
4. Stuart Lynn 1211071 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Focusing Attention to Improve the Performance of Citizen Science Systems: Beautiful Images and Perceptive Observers  
5. Srinivasan Parthasarathy 1111118 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Social Media Enhanced Organizational Sensemaking in Emergency Response  
6. Noah Smith 1211277 SoCS: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven, Computational Models for Discovery and Analysis of Framing  
7. Michela Taufer 0968350 Collaborative Research: SoCS - ExSciTecH: An Interactive, Easy-to-Use Volunteer Computing System to Explore Science, Technology, and Health  
8. Xiaoxi Xu 0968536 SoCS: The Fourth Party: Improving Computer-Mediated Deliberation through Cognitive, Social and Emotional Support  
Poster Session 7, Focus on Students (Saturday 1:30-2:15pm)
1. Sheetal Agarwal      
2. Arjun Mukherjee poster    
3. Brendan O'Connor poster    
4. Rebecca Robinson poster    
5. Jason Zietz      
6. Anne Bowser